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What we do

We help entrepreneurs in the hospitality sector to maximize corporate margins through the definition and implementation of the best strategy.

We offer comprehensive hotel management services to owners and investors of independent hotels and/or hotel chains.

With LVG Academy we create tailor-made training projects to help our clients unleash the potential of their team and their company.

How we do it

LVG method

Step 1

Budget analysis, revenue maximization and and cost optimization;

The definition of the best strategy starts from the analysis of balance sheets, revenues and cost structure.

Thanks to an up-to-date and in-depth knowledge of the market, we are able to contextualize your performance with reference to the momentum and destination.

Step 2

Study of the market and the best sales strategy:

To maximize your bookings and your revenues, we evaluate the market of your property, the competition and behaviour of your potential guests.

Specific information on the functioning of the algorithms underlying the most important OTAs allow you to maximize the visibility of your property and the number of direct bookings.

Step 3

Strategy implementation and constant performance monitoring:

After defining the path that leads to the maximization of the budget at the end of the year, we support you through continuous measurement and monitoring of results, strategic review, tariff changes and continuous training in the field.

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    LVG Management

    Our 11 managements

    Thanks to an excellent management team, expert in the independent and group hotel sector, we directly manage 9 managements to date for a total of 456 rooms, 1 lounge bar e 1 self-service restaurant.

    LVG Group

    Who we are

    LVG Group is a company that carries out strategic consultancy for accommodation facilities in Italy and abroad.

    We turn hoteliers into entrepreneurs successful.

    To achieve satisfying results in a constantly evolving world, it is necessary to always be updated on the best practices present on the market and to apply them in the specific company situation.

    As a consequence of constantly updated and innovative skills, we are able to implement the most effective strategy to maximize the performance of our hotels and those of our customers.

    Our clients

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    High-quality training

    LVG Academy: Innovative and engaging training courses with the aim of developing new professional skills.

    Thanks to a vast educational offer and innovative formats, and with the support of professional teachers, you will be able to acquire new skills in all the fields related both to the hospitality and restaurant sector.

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